Friday, October 24, 2008

The 1940s Scalloped Apron pattern is here!

I know I promised you this pattern months ago, but I have been so busy wearing an apron made from this pattern that I haven’t had a chance to finish formatting the pattern!

Since I practically live in my apron during the late summer/fall canning season, I have very particular requirements for the apron I wear:
  1. It must not need continual attention (straps falling off your shoulder, straps around your neck shifting forward, skirt twisting around, etc.).

  2. It must cover my skirt well--not only the front, but the sides and back!

  3. It must have pockets that are of a practical size.

  4. It must be flattering--after all, can’t you cook better when you’re satisfied with your appearance? (Ok, maybe you can’t, but still...)

This apron meets all of my requirements. Believe me, it has been extensively kitchen-tested, and has come through with flying colors!

Download Price: $6.00 Download Now