Monday, March 20, 2006

Free Twisted Updo Hairstyle Instructions

This style works best for me when my hair is slightly damp, and it has become a favorite post-washing updo.
You will need:
Hair brush
About 5 hair pins
Optional hairsticks or clips for decoration
Brush your hair and part it down the middle or to the side.
Starting above one ear, roll you hair back.
Continue rolling until half of your hair is in the roll, ending at the base of your neck.
Hold the first roll (or get someone to help you) and begin rolling the second side.
Roll that side to the base of your neck.
Give each of the rolls a twist or two, but give the right one several extra twists.
Put the left roll over the right one and hold it in one hand. Brush your hair to smooth it out, if needed.
Twist all of your hair to the right (this is why the right one needs to have extra twists before it's counter-twisted).
Continue twisting as far as you can.
Fold the twisted hair back on itself and let it twist around itself one or twice (depending on the length of your hair) and coil the ends under.
Hold the twists firm while you put in the hairpins.
I usually use one pin at the top and two on each side.

Free Edwardian Braided Updo Hairstyle Instructions

After watching the Masterpiece Theater version of Pollyanna, which is set in the early 1910s, I wanted to create a hairstyle similar to the ones in the movie. I experimented until I came up with this style, which works even on my very straight, flyaway hair. Once you master rolling your hair back smoothly, this is a fairly easy but very elegant hairstyle. I can do it on myself in about five minutes, and it has become a staple style in my hairdressing repertoire!

You will need:
Hair brush
Two metal barrettes
Assorted hairpins
Hair tie
Flowers or other decoration

Part your hair down the middle or to the side. Starting above the ear, roll one side of your hair back and secure it at the back of your head with a barrette.

Roll the other side back and secure it with a barrette. The barrettes may be on top of eachother; that’s fine. Smooth out your hair if it has any lumpy places.

Braid your hair as far as you can; secure it with a hair tie, preferably one similar to your hair color. Secure the flowers in your hair with a hair pin.

Fold your braid upwards and curl it around into a bun, tucking the hair tie under the braid, and covering up the flower stems. I usually use five hairpins: one on each corner and one at the top.