Thursday, May 14, 2015

30% off in the Etsy shop, and a new dress up app!

If you've been thinking of getting one of my .pdf patterns, now is the time to do it, and save 30% on your entire order when you order from the Hint of History Etsy shop!

I am pleased to announce the release of Jane Austen Dress Up, available now on Google play!

With Jane Austen Dress Up you can:

●Customize your doll's coloring, facial features, and hair!
●Combine dozens of dresses, coats, bonnets, and accessories for endless looks!
●Place your doll in one of four settings based on English country homes of the period!
●Choose from 18 witty quotes from Jane Austen's books to display with your doll!
●Snap a picture to save or share with friends!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Now on Etsy!

You may have gotten wind of this already, but in case you haven't...
I've just launched my first collection, now available on Etsy!
Check out the Frivolous Distinction website for more information, or subscribe to the newsletter for a limited-time coupon code!

Friday, February 13, 2015

A Sweet Valentine's Day Discount!


Hello my fellow seamstresses!

Valentine's day is almost here, and I'm happy to say that the 1920s wedding dress pattern arrived just in time for the holiday!
This 18" doll design is now available as both a download and a physical paper pattern! You can order your copy here.
1920s parliment gown cover jpg
To celebrate the season, use the code LOVE14 to save 14% on your next Hint of History order! (Valid through 03/16/15; not valid on digital downloads)
I've been working on some other projects, as well, and soon I'll have some exciting news as I launch my newest endeavor! There's a sneak peek below...
frivolous distinction sneak peek

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Shop, New Sale, New Year!

Happy New Year!

2014's notes, sketches, and designs are cleared from my "inspiration wall" and I'm excited to see what new projects will fill it up in 2015!
To start out the new year I've moved my Etsy shop and changed my username. The patterns are the same and outwardly it may not look much different, but the move makes me happy. In hopes that you'll be happy, too, here's a "New Shop for the New Year" coupon--type "new15" to save 15% on any purchase from the Hint of History Etsy store until Monday, January 5th!
IMG 20141212 190558
If I made resolutions (though I usually spare myself the mortification) every year I would probably resolve to become more organized, keep better records, and declutter my sewing/crafting/creating stashes.
I've done a lot of knitting in the last month or so (it just seems right at this time of year!), and one small step I've taken in organizing my creative projects is to record knitting projects on my Ravelry account so I won't have to ask myself, "Which pattern was that? What yarn did I use? Dare I wash these socks or will they shrink beyond redemption and have to be donated as boot-liners to one of my little nieces?"
What are your creative resolutions for 2015?